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Rock Solid South West Band Max Rebo

Posted by bgt on 16th November 2011 in Local Bands

In a recording studio, not that far far away, 4 musicians are working to create music. Max Rebo is a Rock Covers and Originals band based in the South West of England. Covering rock music from the 90’s to the 00’s and throwing in a few pop songs done in our own unique Max Rebo style. This is the dawning of the age of Max Rebo.

The Band Members are Martyn Robinson (Vocals/Guitar), Nick Koulias (Guitar/Vocals), Martin Johnson (Bass/Vocals) and Rich Pegler (Drums/Vocals). Their Hometown is Weston-super-Mare, where they record their unique covers of some great classics and refine their own original tracks.

Check out their website at or connect with them through Max Rebo on Facebook

These are the musicians you are looking for, and are currently unsigned, so if you are in A&R check out their contact details and get down to their next gig.