Pick a New Identity Today

Posted by bgt on 4th July 2009 in News

It has been said that all identities are false identities, and that any statement which begins “I am” just limits our boundless potential. We often self-identify based on material things such as our possessions, or jobs, or the amount of money we have. This essentially limits who we think we can be and so places an unconscious limit on growth.

If you say “I am overweight” you immediately and unconsciously take on the mantle of an overweight person. You collapse in the chair, turn on the TV and watch the world’s best slimmer or some such programme while snacking on high fat, high sugar comfort food. If instead, you decided that you were feeling fit and said “I am healthy” you might instead go for a walk, do some housework, mow the lawn, or paint the spare bedroom.

The labels we apply to ourselves are more destructive than the ones placed on us by others. Once we accept a label, whether we perceive it as positive or negative, we are restricting ourselves to playing that role in life.

Even stating documented facts can be a form of limiting label. Resigning yourself to being your age using an “I am” statement can set you into a stereotype, or prevent you from doing something adventurous. “I can’t do that because I am…” curtails your growth, your possibilities and your eternal potential. Calling yourself a geriatric or even claiming to have a senior moment, if you forget something, allows you to settle into a graceful decline towards a comfy rocking chair.

When you see your friends next, watch how they label themselves, and then how they take on the appearance of the character they have adopted. Show them how you have found a new way to look at things as you soar like an eagle, using positive language to describe yourself. They are likely to comment on how good you look or ask if you are taking something!

Next time you hear yourself going to say “I am…” consider how you might make your label expand your possibilities rather than limit them. How about “I am vibrant!” or “Immortal!” or “Unstoppable!”? Listen to the different responses you get back!

You now know you can chose to feel any way you want about yourself, just by adopting an appropriate label. So why not chose to feel great? While you are about it, tell everyone who asks “how are you?” that you are feeling wonderful! After you have told a few people you may be surprised just how great you actually do feel.

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