This is the home of The Rock Solid Project a movement of like-minded people who want to do something to change the world.

We all know that society is in difficulties because of the recession; there are no resources available and everyone is turning the finger of blame towards everyone else. People cannot see a way out of their current situation and are focused on external things such as poverty; limited education, unemployment and other social factors that are holding them back. There is nothing we can do to change anything, right?

Wrong! There are plenty of resources everywhere; they are just in the wrong place. Plenty of people know what needs to be done; they just lack the belief that anybody can do anything meaningful. There are skills, education and experience everywhere, but all it needs is something to concentrate people into a cohesive whole.

The Rock Solid Project is just the focus that is needed to make a difference.

What we do is bring together some of the most skilful and experienced people from all walks of life and give them the opportunity to help others. We have IT trainers, musicians, music techs, and volunteers from criminal justice who provide pro-social modelling. Our trainers and speakers are master NLP practitioners, well versed in the art of behavioural change.

We then cascade these skills on to the next generation, to ensure that they have the same opportunities that we have had, but perhaps at a younger age. We teach the practical skills used by entrepreneurs and the mindset of billionaires to people who believe they have no ability to change their circumstances; then we show them how to breakthrough self imposed limits to their boundless potential.

At the Rock Solid Project we take the things that we love to do and teach others how to do them, so that they can feel good about themselves. We show them the joy of music and creativity. We let them experience the feeling of self-satisfaction when they help someone else. We teach them how to say thank you and mean it, and how to react when someone thanks them. Most of all, we give them choices.

We are mobilising existing resources that are currently lying idle and helping people to turn them to good use. We provide positive role models, and practical hands on experience showing them how to set up a business and make it successful. We show them what they have and teach them to use it. We show them how to identify what they really need, and then how to work to get it.

What you can do to help
Did you used to have a dream of being a rock star, which the Nickleback song has revisited? If you have an old guitar or amplifier sitting there in the attic doing nothing and want to see it put to good use, then why not loan or donate it to the Rock Solid Project? Better still, why not bring that old equipment along yourself and teach someone else how to use it. Why not get off the sofa and start to live the dream?

Do you have a community centre or church hall, which could serve as a training area? Or perhaps a lockup, or large garage that with a lick of paint could be used as storage? Have you an idea that you might be able to turn into a business with a little help?

If you have somthing to offer click here to contact The Rock Solid Project

P.S. If you think you are too old, too overweight, or not good enough to teach anyone, then click here to find out about false labels